Abstract – wet reflections on rolling, undulating water

Wet, Continued – June ’17

From my previous adventures with rain photography, I learned that my car was a good platform for shooting in wet conditions. So I continued my quest for unique rainy day imagery. Previously, I had been careful to shoot through an open window to be assured of sharp-focus. More recently, because I was shooting in an absolute deluge and as an experiment, I tried shooting through the windshield.

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Photography Lesson 1 – be experimental.

An advantage that soon became apparent was that I could photograph people in a stealthy manner. Also, the water on my windshield had the added benefit of obscuring people’s faces. [A problem with people shots is that stock agencies usually will not accept such images without a written release from the subject.] Another benefit was the strange fluctuation of focus and the cool distortion effects that the flowing water created in each shot.

I did not apply any Photoshop filter effects to these images. Most shots were ‘naturals’ to post production tweaking, further bringing out their innate painterly quality. It’s what I do.

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