Graphic – Trespassing light enters a cinder block walled room

Trespassing – Nov ’15

I had a plan. I was going to walk around yet another car salvage yard, checking its perimeter to see if I could sneak a few shots. [Such places are impossible to enter if you do the right thing – introduce yourself as a fine art photographer and ask ‘the person in charge’ if you can take a few pictures.] In my experience, in any such ‘private’ place, the answer will be an abrupt NO! Trespassing is the only alternative.

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The continuing adventures of a Trespassing Photographer

On my way I was distracted by a derelict building – perfect! Readers of this blog know of my attraction to objects of a past time – all things broken down, discarded, and rusty. I contented myself walking around the structure taking shots of its crumbling facades, broken glass, invasive bittersweet, windows and doors. I then noticed an open door, and that the perimeter of chain link fence topped with barbed wire had a gate that was also unlocked; I went in. I am the trespassing photographer.

I spent more than an hour inside, shooting over a hundred images of objects and structures that were naturals as subjects of graphic photo composition.  It was time to leave, only to discover that the gate was now locked! Damn, I hate climbing over chain link fences…

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