Fantasy – close up of pareidolia creature in smoke

Smoke – May ’16

Fire and choking smoke can be scary things.  Every year I have a huge pile of  branches to be burned. I remember when the fire got away from me one time. I was so frantic to put it out, the firefighters that came were more concerned that I might cause myself to have a heart attack than of the spreading fire.

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Where there’s smoke …

From one of my rare shoots on-subject, this post’s theme is combustion.  Flames consume, the wind blows and the force of heated air moves the fumes. Moment to moment, the result is a visual translation of strong forces coming to bear – a natural abstraction of matter changing state from solid to gaseous form.

Mankind has long stared into the campfire, envisioning wondrous and sometimes scary things in the flickering flames. The smoke too, in its ever-changing form can be suggestive of things imagined. For me, sometimes I see creatures of pareidolia. They were not apparent to me in this shoot until post production, when the fast shutter speed revealed faces in the flames and smokey swirl. I helped some of them to emerge a little more obviously to viewers who might not be attuned as I am to ‘hallucination’.

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