Conceptual – revolver with flower pattern and dish ware

Revisiting Images – Mar ’15

The recent harsh New England Winter of 2015 over. I didn’t shoot much but I did spend time revisiting older shots and submitting work to judged exhibitions. It was somewhat photographically unproductive for me. I did make an effort to get out to shoot but it was difficult to do. One of my excursions was to XC ski through the Assabet River NWR to shoot a series on the bunkers there. Even though the day was sunny the lighting was disappointing, as all the bunkers face North [to keep the exposed front away from hot Summer sun]. On the bright side, I spent a lot of time revisiting older shots and submitting my work to various judged exhibitions.

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Revisiting not-so-recent imagery

As my expertise with Photoshop progresses I notice improvements I can make with older images. [I’ve included some in this posting.] Sometimes the look is noticeably different, sometimes one cannot see the improvements without viewing the image very large. It’s somewhat of a dilemma. The images I create on my very large monitor, or large prints I make for exhibition have so much more detail than can be displayed on this website. Photographers displaying large images on the web, do so at peril of their photos being stolen [not only for use personal use, but by others for resale too].

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