Conceptual – trees and shadows on doorway of abandoned stucco

Retrospective – Apr ’13

I’ve had a few shows since I created this Site. Viewers opinions of my work have been gratifying – mostly. The comments from people that see my work are very important to me. Not that I will change what I shoot based on public opinion, more that I’m curious if the public sees what I see in my images. As a retrospective, I thought I’d share some of the comments…

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fronds of sage and rafts of onion swirl in a tuquoise braise“I love the colors. But isn’t it upside down?”

a photo-composited collage of an antique tin toy, camera, glass goblet, and silver tableware“The detail is amazing. I have to get this for my husband.”

in yellow light, a creature is captured with fallen apples between panes of glassI asked a high school art student, what’s your favorite in the show?
“I like the yellow one… I see an odd little creature trapped between the panes of glass.”

Lost buoy's movement as it bobs in surf captured as fractal image.“It looks like a painting.”

Glowing blue barstools await space travelers.“… I mean, it’s just a couple of bar stools. I don’t get this space thing?”

A rusting truck with hood agape awaits absorption by green surroundings.“I really like the juxtaposition of man-made things in nature theme you do.”

Fantasy – magical cloaked figure in hat reaching for moon in tree
“This one is my favorite.”

a gas powered well site is illuminated by electric and moon light“The detail is amazing.”

a painterly photo-composite view of the gasworks in Seattle, WA“I’d like to see it bigger.”

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