Fantasy – Icon of the recent past – a stripped classic car

Recent Images – Sep ’15

I decided to revisit a car junkyard, “auto salvage yard” to see if there were any recent wreaks to shoot. There was, but I also brought a fresh perspective to photographing derelict cars – and a wide-angle lens. As usual I had to sneak in, but it was a Sunday so I didn’t expect to be confronted by the owner. Also, I did some preparation by reading about trespassing law as it applies to photography.

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The Recent and The Passed

Confident that I wasn’t actually trespassing, unless I refused to leave if confronted and that my camera and photographs could not be legally taken from me, I casually walked by nearly every vehicle in the yard. Some I passed because I had shot them before on my previous visit. Most, because they were pretty much the same scenario of late-model cars with smashed glass, twisted metal, exploded air bags, and missing engines. I was looking for junk with character, a juxtaposition of man-made objects in “Nature”, or a graphic presentation to be framed. And always to me, rust is a beautiful thing.

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