Conceptual – Superman S can be seen as part of block of warped metal

Recent Images – May ’15

On a recent trip to Lowell to drop off one of my images selected for the Massachusetts Artists 2015 Showcase of Contemporary Art, I brought my camera too. My intention was to wander the streets in search of interesting things to shoot, mostly reflections in the storefront windows. I was happy with the results. So much so that I decided to make my next [this] posting a theme of such reflections. I decided to continue shooting in Clinton, another old textile mill town with buildings of brick.

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Reflection Images

Heavy Metal Images

Shooting images of rusted metal – a blissful contentment.

Clinton proved to be less photogenic [at least for my original purpose]. But my trip there was serendipitous. I passed by a metal scrap yard on my way; I had visited there before but could not shoot anything. This time it was chock full of beautiful twisted, rusty, and shiny metal. There were piles of it, some with assorted scrap that needed to be piled again as a specific metal, or piles of finished compressed blocks awaiting a trip to the smelter. The best thing – there was nobody there to shoo me away, not even any ‘No Trespassing’ signs that I could see. I wandered around for about an hour shooting with blissful contentment.

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