Electric Imagery – Jun ’14

When I was very small – small enough to fit in the back compartment of a VW bug – I would look up along the roadside to the electric utility poles moving past. The shapes of the components that tame the electricity, the constant flow of wires moving down then up again from pole to pole was a fascination.

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Electric infrastructure – eyesore or eye candy

This is my first posting of a series of images with an electric visual theme. Actually, it’s more about the components than the electrons flowing through them. The infrastructure is omnipresent, so much that one doesn’t really notice it. When attention is paid, all those utility poles, wires, and components add up to something pretty ugly. I’ve tried to go beyond the eyesore that we largely ignore and make it interesting. I’ve also completely given myself over to the zen of Photoshop silhouette technique in compositing images for this series.

I’m also including some images from a recent trip to Washington State.

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