Life – a look of concentration from a cat hunting in tall grass

Look Closely – Apr ’16

Way back when I was developing an opinion of what ‘fine art photography’ was, for me it had to be something more than just ‘pretty’ pictures. Besides the conceptual aspect of photography, there is also a visual richness to it. The ability to look closely at digital images using tools such as a large monitor and Photoshop creates a powerful potential for creative expression. Photography is all about the image. Subject, composition, color, [or tone] is what draws the viewer in. It’s then that detail completes the viewing experience. So that said, a  photograph can also be a ‘pretty’ picture.

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Look back.

The grain apparent in traditional film emulsion could be a blessing [expressive], or a curse [lack of detail]. Digital ‘grain’ has been much improved with better sensors and software. Traditional looking grain and other effects can be added digitally. I am not opposed to using filter effects [judiciously] if I feel they enhance the image. Such sharpening and blurring may not be specifically visible to the viewer. I design such effects to be subliminally impressionistic.

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