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Image Avoidance – Sep ’14

When I see something that strikes me visually or conceptually I shoot it. Avoidance of photo subjects is limiting; not a good thing. Nevertheless, there are a few subjects I somewhat avoid:
– Landscapes and ‘nature’ shots. It’s very difficult to improve the wonder of nature by throwing a frame around it; though some will say that’s the challenge. An image of nature, for me, has to be unique, abstract, or conceptual. I have seen way too many pretty landscapes and nature shots; I’m hesitant to add my contribution.
– I definitely avoid cute animal shots à la William Wegman [I like what he does, but it’s been done]. I do take photos of my pets now and then, but it’s unlikely that I’d post them.
– I seldom shoot people [faces]. I would love to brighten up this Site with people images, but to but to be totally mercenary – such shots don’t sell unless they are of famous people [I’m not a paparazzi], or if it’s commissioned portraiture. I do take shots of people that are unrecognizable [blurry, no face, body parts, or silhouettes] because it can add to the narrative of the image. Note: Most stock agencies won’t accept such shots unless one has a signed release!

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Avoidance is a bad thing

Nevertheless, even with such self-imposed limitations the subjects I shoot are somewhat eclectic. Thus, I end up with many dissimilar images in my ‘Recent Imagery’ posts. I love it when there is enough content in a shoot that I can create a series [or add to an existing series of images]. But when it’s time to post, I make do with what I have…

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