“Natural” Views

Natural – flowering papyrus in wind
Papyrus [xLg]
I am awed by some of the “natural” things I see. So I shoot them, but it just doesn’t compare with the real thing. An image of nature for me, has to be unique, abstract, or conceptual – a heightened visual experience. It’s very difficult to improve the wonder of nature by throwing a frame around it; though some will say that’s the challenge.  I have seen way too many pretty landscapes and nature shots; I’m hesitant to add my contribution.

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What is truly natural?

The proliferation of nature as fine art bothers me. It’s really ‘found art’; the photographer isn’t creatively replicating natural beauty, [as a painter would] only capturing it. I do admire Ansel Adams‘ work. His black and white images are more a study of tonality, nature was his subject [he did a lot of manipulation of his images in the darkroom]. He made photographic art from nature but it’s still only an impression of the real thing.

No image of nature can compare with the beauty of the real thing. But, the image can be enhanced [à la Ansel Adams]. I see my role as a landscape or nature photographer, with my use of Photoshop, as that of an expressionist.

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