Man-Made Things

Man-made – Glowing blue barstools await space travelers.
Space At The Bar [Lg]
We make things. Some are wonderous, some are woeful. Like the ants, industry is innate in humans. Human ingenuity though is more hit or miss. There are ‘eureka’ moments, but mostly our man-made inventions come about slowly. Those that are a success may go on for generations with minor upgrades. The failures are discarded much sooner. But even the eureka creations produce trash. [Think of the recent turnover from an analog to a digital paradigm.]

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Man-Made, trash or treasure

Our cast off things accumulate and live on as a testament to our failures and successes. Not only consumer items, but industrial machinery and infrastructure too. I am fascinated by such things that are beautiful, built up, broken down, familiar, out-of-place, and out of time – particularly, in the juxtaposition of Man’s temporal and Nature’s timeless creations, when discarded ‘junk’ is returned to its elemental components. Rust can be a beautiful thing.

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