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Abstract – composition of bent metal strips
Greater Than Its Parts [xLg]
At times I’ve been guilty of throwing a frame around a group of shapes, or a textured surface that may look like a Jackson Pollock painting. That’s not creating abstraction. I put such images in my Graphic Composition Gallery. ‘Found art’ may have the look of an abstract, but has little metaphysical quality to it.

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A definition of the photo abstract, I think.

A photograph is a visual moment – representative, suggestive, but to be truly abstract [a metaphysical  expression, as a composite of its parts] a photograph must be manipulated.

The simplest photo abstraction would be a manipulation of focus. A blurry photo is metaphysical because it’s suggestive of what is not clearly shown. The blur itself is manipulation – and within my definition of abstraction.

To express it simply, my approach to abstraction is to add and subtract multiple layers of shape, texture, and color in imagery. I can deconstruct reality, accentuate the metaphysical, suggest another visual scenario, or simply play around with graphic design and color study. The result of what I do, I think, is a painterly abstraction of the subject in a photographic medium.

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