Abstract – Dyptich of CT scans of torsos with pareidolia images of a bat and fox in the belly area

Fun With CT Scans – Sep ’20

Computed Tomography – CT scans. A series of cross sectional x-ray image ‘slices’ of the body. Perhaps you’ve had one. I did recently, and because I’m interested in all kinds of photographic imagery I asked for a disc of the session. Most hospitals will do that. After all, the subject [your body] is you and you [through insurance] are paying for it.

I didn’t know exactly how I would use these multiple images [tomographics?]. The nature of the process in itself is somewhat abstract – I thought they might be useful as part of a photo composite. I’d add some color and see where to go from there.  But, sensitive as I am to seeing pareidolia, several of the slices revealed images of animals to me. I couldn’t resist making the ‘faces’ more recognizable to the casual viewer.

The blobby shapes of my guts and bones being exposed was interesting. But as I progressed, I found I was more absorbed with color study than graphics.

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