Conceptual – Forbidden ground at an abandoned Superfund Site

Forbidden Images – Jan ’16

In keeping with my moniker as the ‘trespassing photographer’, once more I wandered forbidden ground to capture some of these ‘recent images’. This time it was the W.R. Grace superfund site in Acton, Massachusetts. I didn’t know what to expect so I went in on my bicycle [lower profile]. There wasn’t much to see in the area that I could shoot before I got kicked out, but I made the best of it. The persistence of nature taking over ‘parched ground’ was a theme that came to mind.

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Home, cities, and forbidden places

Presenting images based on theme is somewhat difficult for me at times. I would prefer to make my posts a cohesive selection of photos but my shooting habits are more of what I see in passing than something planned. This post is an example of my eclectic vision – shooting wherever and whenever possible – shots taken at home, while wandering city streets, or walking forbidden ground.

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