Graphic – row of skull and crossbone seats of amusement ride

Diverse Imagery – Jan ’14

There is no visual theme to this posting, thus the images shown are somewhat diverse. I’m ashamed to say that I have not ventured  out much lately to capture new images. I’ve been somewhat house-bound, but I won’t get into that. My lack of new visuals has led me to look at past shots to see if there is anything I missed – something I can resurrect with Photoshop. Not to say that such images are failures that need to be cleaned up, but I that I find challenge in taking a shot from mediocre to ‘magnificent’. In doing so, I develop new techniques as I use Photoshop to tweak this or that in an image. Or, by compositing elements I can elevate interest and bring the image to something more conceptual.

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Diverse perception

In the past, I’ve been resistant to radically compositing shots to create something totally new – a hybrid so to speak. Recently though, I’ve seen such transformations of photo imagery by various artists that are really impressive, such as Laurent Chehere, and Victor Enrich. Tradition be damned. Photography is all about the image, whether it is ‘found’ or created. Ultimately, the medium has transformed me as I have transformed it.

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