Abstract – 1920's gas stove stands alone in a grassy field

Discarded Things – Nov ’14

Discarded rusty things and old junk are some of my favorite subjects to shoot. I find the subject matter rather graphic; the color and texture, the way the metal is twisted and weathered is irresistible to me. Mostly what I shoot is old cars. This particular junkyard featured old stoves, I even found a stove similar to the one my grandmother used [I love the green color].

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Also discarded in junkyards…

I’m also including some shots that are ‘out of theme’, various subjects that caught my attention as I wandered by. Note a recurring feature in some of these photos [at two different locations]. It’s bittersweet, a scourge that was imported from China 200 years ago because it made a pretty wreath. Birds eat the berries from the discarded wreaths and spread the indigestible seeds any place they perch and poop. Given a chance bittersweet will choke out native flora. It’s invasive and hard to kill. I’ve tried to eradicate it on my property for years.

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