Man-made – Top, close up view of antique sewing machine

Continuity In An Eclectic Manner – Mar ’19

My photography has a continuity. I’m still fascinated by things that are built up, broken down, out-of-place, and out-of-time. I also have a penchant for creating abstract imagery. I continue to photograph anything that catches my eye between on-theme shoots.

The Winter months are usually not a productive time for new photo shoots, but it is a good time to be reflective. So, I’ve also been revisiting past shots for inspiration or to create abstraction. This post is a collection of what I typically shoot, past and present.

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“I see the shot as a beginning, as an image I can get ‘painterly’ with – giving it visual richness, abstracting it, or making it more conceptual.
As darkroom technique has always been an essential part of the photographer’s mastery of imagery – Photoshop is my darkroom. This process of post-production enhancement completes my relationship with the image”

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