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This Stuff Should Be On Instagram – Jul ’22

I have an Instagram account.
Having the ability to access the talent out there and to show off my wares is a good thing. Yet, I haven’t posted in awhile.

I don’t know why I gave up on Instagram.  But I have put some thought into it. Reason one – everybody does it.
Instagram has the sublime, the dreck, and everything between. I really don’t like selecting – thus expanding – followers by doing so.
Likes aren’t real important to me. It doesn’t influence what I shoot.
I suppose though, Instagram is a good venue for images such as these.
I’ve had a bit of a creative breakdown lately. These images may not be my best work, because I have not been working at it. This series is a bit of serendipity – while being prepared. I feel better shooting with intent, when I have an idea or theme to work with.

Perhaps I should post more on Instagram and let my peers decide what is good photography. Meanwhile, I keep shooting stuff the way I see it.

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