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Wet & Abandoned – May ’17

This Spring, while the snow melted the wet persisted – it was monotonous. So, with hope not abandoned I took rides in my car searching for puddles. [To get shots of their kinetic and reflective qualities.]  The ‘trespassing photographer’ then got a tip about a site nearby where there was an old abandoned train repair facility. After a quick look at Google Maps I found it.

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Abandoned, now found

I was surprised and pleased that I was able to just walk in. All the magnificent industrial decay was there for me to shoot without keeping my head low [as I usually have to do]. Actually, I was thinking a hard hat might have been prudent. There was a constant creak and clang as the wind blew through the open structures. The roof was open in many places, contributing to the wet, slippery, mossy floor. My feet skidded a number of times, and eventually I managed to put a roofing nail through the heel of my shoe. It’s all a part of capturing the leavings from another time.

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