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Masks – Oct ’23

“In many cultures masks are worn in structured dances to symbolize social status, to protect, to exalt, to mock, and to amuse. They transport the wearer through characterization into a world which is otherwise out of reach.”
Paraphrased from Dr. Marion Oettinger
Dancing Faces: Mexican Masks in a Cultural Context

In my visit to the Mask Museum of San Miguel De Allende in Mexico I shot many mask images.  Since my previous post, FACES – I felt an urge to make my own interpretations of some of the masks in a ‘spiritual’ journey of compositing  with Photoshop.

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Corkey Series


Beyond Corky

“I see the shot as a beginning, as an image I can get ‘painterly’ with – giving it visual richness, abstracting it, or making it more conceptual.
As darkroom technique has always been an essential part of the photographer’s mastery of imagery – Photoshop is my darkroom. This process of post-production enhancement completes my relationship with the image.”

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